Best escape rooms in Cluj-Napoca

Find the best Escape Rooms in Cluj-Napoca, you can choose between 8 Escape Games on our website. If you like to use of your brain and active relaxation, Escape Room Games are the right choice for you. These games are both exciting adventures and a great team game. The goal of these games is to escape from a room within the given time or to complete a mission. Escape Rooms are becoming more and more popular all over Romania and available in more and more cities. If you are looking for an escape room adventure in Cluj-Napoca, here you can easily choose it.

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Escape rooms in Cluj-Napoca

These are the most popular Escape Rooms in this city. Check the ratings before you choose an Escape Room.
In anul 1770 Capitanul Hook pleaca in cautarea unei comori a carui locatie doar el o cunoaste.Undeva in larg corabia e atacata de pirati care il omoara ...
Your grandmother has left you the most famous Candy Shop in town. Here you can find candies, lollipops, cakes and sweets of all sorts. All the sweets lo...
Anul 1940. Societatea face cunoștință cu un personaj non-conformist, un om nobil, prezentabil care are însă și o latură întuneacată. Povestea Savantului...
Muzeul a fost multi ani un obiectiv popular al Clujului; nu exista locuitor ar orasului care sa nu il fi vizitat. Dar odata cu furtul atractiei principa...
Diamantul a fost gasit. Dar reusita a cauzat alte intrebari si un mister mai profund. E posibil ca paznicul sa fi ascuns ceva sau a fost doar un pion in...
Once you enter the submarine escape room you will feel like in a submarine where Captain Nemo lived for 30 years under sea. the cylindrical shape, the e...
You and your friends activated in the last NATO base, left in the way of the enemies. They get closer and your troops and resources are insufficient to ...
When a detective revisits a crime scene to find out what really happened, he finds more than he expected. The detective calls you, his voice sounds pani...