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To complete the mission, teamwork is required. You need to search, as we hid some things, you should find solutions, as we locked some things, and you s...

Reviews of Time Trap Escape Room escape rooms

3 players have already posted their ratings on Time Trap Escape Room Escape rooms.
Miercurea Ciuc
It was an awesome experience, I would gladly erase my memory just so I could play it again. Cannot recommend it enough...and it will definitely raise your standards for escape rooms quite high. 10/10 :D
Miercurea Ciuc
An incredibly well thought-of and respected theme, brilliant atmosphere and awesome level of attention to detail and design. With high emphasis on logic and teamwork, the room will quickly knock you into high gear, keep you there while your blood pumps faster and faster, your mind tries ever harder to bring all of the pieces together and your eyes rush from corner to corner trying to find that one missing piece...all of it rewarded with an immense sense of satisfaction with each completed puzzle...seemingly hidden right before your eyes. Very good, recomend it for sure!!
Miercurea Ciuc
It was an amazing experience, loved every minute of it. It had excitement and thrills, I never knew what was going to come up next, the puzzle was amazing. Don't want to spoil anything so the only thing I can say is GO and PLAY. You won't regret it.